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As many of you may already know, team RCS64, the creators of the Race Management System with simulation features for Scalextric Sport Digital has started development for Slot IT's digital system, oXygen.
To prevent misunderstanding, from now on if we talk about RCS64 we mean SSD, and for oXygen we wil refer to as RCSO2 for the RMS software. A new logo will be here soon.

About 2 years ago we started thinking about supporting oXygen. Until today we have very good communication with Slot IT (Maurizio/Cristian) and we have the feeling we are working on something very special, with lots of potential for the future.

So, what is the status ?

Martin has developed already a version we start testing with as we speak.

Here are some screens;
The Main screen;

Controller/Driver set up;

Event planner;

In race;

Marshall/main dashboard/live timing screen;

We are working on implementing the simulation features as we know them from RCS64, like tyre wear, weather and damage.
Besides that, you are able to work with teams and drivers. And another nice feature is the live timing sreen on a separate monitor, like we know from 1:1 events like Le Mans and F1. It is all work in progress, but great fun working on this project.

Stay tuned.
Martin and Marcel
team RCS
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Today we have run 13 pilots, 8 in one race and 5 in another.

The screen disappearance problem has happened again, but we have solved it, entering the missing pilot in pit lane, turning off and on the SCP.

On one occasion there were 7 pilots missing, I was one of them, I entered the pit lane, I turned SCP off and on and it was fixed.

Turning SCP off and on is a very good solution.
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When you turn off and on the SCP, the driver is going to lose one lap.
We do not have the issue of driver information disappearing but sometimes the brake button on the SCP stops working:
  • this can happen at the start of the race when you press the brake button to signal that you are ready
  • or when the car is doing a pit stop: the arrow buttons work but not the brake so one cannot select a pit menu option

Usually the solution is to turn off and on the controller. If you do this at the beginning (race start) then the driver information will not be displayed until you do again a cycle of turning it off and on.
We usually do this in track call and what I do I also pass the car over the start finish line to add the lap. Depending where the car is, this can cost the driver a couple of damage points which I reinstate in the admin window (although I cannot do nothing for the damage to the tyres). The good thing is that no information is lost about laps, fuel and tyre consumption.

Another solution that we have found for when the brake button stops working in the pre-race window to select "Ready": squeezing and releasing the trigger multiple times and then pressing the brake button usually should work (no need to cycle the controller). In the pit lane this can be an issue...

Another thing to note: my laptop has wifi turned off all the time.
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Only connection problems happen to us. This Thursday we will try to get a dongle so that it has better connectivity.

It has never happened to us to lose the brake.

Since 2014 I have been using oxygen, the best option during a race when there are problems is to enter the pit lane and turn off SCP.

When there will be no problems??? 🤔😅
Just to be clear, I am not saying that we lose brakes, only that the brake button does not work (or is not recognized).
The brakes work without issue.
Just to be clear, I am not saying that we lose brakes, only that the brake button does not work (or is not recognized).
The brakes work without issue.
Yes, I was also referring to the brake button, I have not expressed myself well. 😅
Good morning, yesterday we did a race with 11 pilots in two rounds of 5 and 6 pilots at the Costablanca club in Alicante. We had a problem, when we started the race all the cars were slow at pit lane speed. This occurred with RCSO2 and Crono. There was only one novelty, so that the dongle had a better range we put an extension cord. We tried two different dongles.

When we closed RCSO2 we got this error:

We restored RCSO2 and it no longer connected the dongle (it may be because it is not being tested), but chrono if it worked correctly. We have now lost the key to RCSO2.

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How long was the extension cable? After a certain length, 6' I believe is the acceptable limit, a "powered" cable must be used.

Edit: my bad. It's been a while since this topic came up, so forgot it was 5 meters, though 6 feet is still the recommendation.
This is about the Scorpius dongle, and I'm only assuming the same is true for the oXigen one.

4)Do not use USB extension cable over 5m, in fact keep it to 2m if possible. Over 5m the impedence is too great and the signal will be compromised.
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But in all honesty, if the dongle is in line of sight with controllers and cars you do not need to put it on extension.
I have seen at the 24h of Le Mans that the dongle is attached to a laptop and placed next to one of the short walls in the halls while the controllers more than 15 m away.
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Hi Fer, just replied via e mail. Indeed, extension cables are most of the time not needed for oXigen. Of course we send you a new license! Thank you for using RCS.
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Thank you very much for your answers, I am very grateful, it is already solved, I will not put a USB prologue anymore 😂😂😂😂.

You can not imagine the madness yesterday. Total KO and no one knew what happened, we started everything for you 😂😂😂😂.

It's solved now, thank you very much everyone.
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