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Re-colouring Scalextric Track Borders

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I've got a mixture of Scalextric Sport track borders - some beige and some black.

I'd like them all black. What's the best way of re-colouring the beige ones? I'm thinking a coat of aerosol plastic primer followed by a few coats of matt black. Is there a better way??
TBH, I'd prefer brush-on to aerosol. Anyone got any suggestions on that front?

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I sprayed a flat black paint from a larger hardware store chain here in Oz directly onto the sand coloured borders and they came up a treat, pretty much match the scaley track colour and seem to handle the cars sliding on it. I've only had some paint come off when I stuck some overhead sign directly onto a piece with 'bluetack' and that pulled the paint straight off, a quick squirt with the spray can and it was back on the track in 5 mins.
Each can was about $3AU so no major expense and is always available. Not sure what type you could use though but I'm sure something of a similar nature would be fine.

PS-You just need to make sure you have cleaned each piece and remove any grease/oils etc from the manufacturing process.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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