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Re-colouring Scalextric Track Borders

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I've got a mixture of Scalextric Sport track borders - some beige and some black.

I'd like them all black. What's the best way of re-colouring the beige ones? I'm thinking a coat of aerosol plastic primer followed by a few coats of matt black. Is there a better way??
TBH, I'd prefer brush-on to aerosol. Anyone got any suggestions on that front?

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QUOTE (ThaiRacer @ 21 Jun 2011, 19:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>In the past, I've tried all sorts of primers, sprays, surface preps, fancy expensive paints - you name it, I've tried it. In the end, inexpensive basic house paint applied with a brush gave the best result.
So what are we talking here?? Smooth emulsion like you put on interior walls, or "Snowcem" type stuff?

I've been looking-up the Plasti-kote stuff as in HighlanderSCXWW's post above and in the process I found that Halfords do an aerosol "plastic bumper paint" which comes in 2 shades of grey, and black. They claim it doesn't need primer. Anyone tried this product - either in its correct application, or on plastic track/borders?
I have to be honest, I haven't checked this thread since Wednesday.

On Friday (in haste, as per usual) I bought an aerosol can of white plastic primer and one of matt black from Halfrauds. Seems to have done the job OK, but time - and my rally cars - will tell.

Next question......

Some of the borders have plain white edging lines and some have red and white stripes. Sorry, I should have explained why - the R3 and lead-in/out borders I bought had black inserts and I've sprayed them with the white primer. What's the best way of replicating the red blocks as on the R2 borders? Am I going to have to mask the bits I want left white and go over them in red?

TIA again
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Hhmmmm. I might have to do that ^^^^^ with mine.

Sorry for nicking your idea Simon.
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