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Re-colouring Scalextric Track Borders

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I've got a mixture of Scalextric Sport track borders - some beige and some black.

I'd like them all black. What's the best way of re-colouring the beige ones? I'm thinking a coat of aerosol plastic primer followed by a few coats of matt black. Is there a better way??
TBH, I'd prefer brush-on to aerosol. Anyone got any suggestions on that front?

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I am enthusiastic about brush on house paints for track and borders. Excellent value for money. Have the local paint shop mix a pint of either interior or exterior acrylic paint in whatever color you prefer. I brush directly onto the plastic - no primer - and have had great results. A lot of coverage for little money, and easy to apply.

In the past, I've tried all sorts of primers, sprays, surface preps, fancy expensive paints - you name it, I've tried it. In the end, inexpensive basic house paint applied with a brush gave the best result.
QUOTE (StuBeeDoo @ 22 Jun 2011, 03:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So what are we talking here?? Smooth emulsion like you put on interior walls, or "Snowcem" type stuff?
Yes, when you say, "smooth emulsion", I believe we are talking about the same thing - a water-based, matte finish, acrylic emulsion for Interiors.

I bought the paint at a neighborhood paint shop/hardware store. I went in, looked at a book containing hundreds of different color chips, pointed to the color I wanted, asked for water-based acrylic base, specified "Interior" because it was much less expensive than Exterior, and walked out 5 minutes later with a $10 gallon of paint that looks just like concrete. I slapped it on with a brush. Quick, painless. Clean up with water, no nasty fumes, no tedious masking, dries in 1 hour.

I'm not familiar with Snowcem, but it appears to be specific for masonry. The paint I used was not specific to masonry.

QUOTE (sealevel @ 22 Jun 2011, 11:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What is the best way to prepare Scalextric track for painting?
Soap & water...?
I used liquid dish soap and water for the borders. For the track, I wiped it down with a clean, dry towel - that's it. No solutions, no solvents, no liquids, no nuthin'. The paint sticks like glue, with no lifting, peeling, flaking, etc.

Of course, your results may vary, but I've been very pleased.
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