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Hello chums. After a recent successful swoop on Ebay, I bagged a couple of mint boxed bods I never came across before. Promptly into the Howmet Global Industries 'Repoppamatic' ™, they emerged thusly;

1969 Porsche 917, Dynamic 'handling' body. I like this a lot- clean lines, a nice blank canvas for some imaginative paintwork. Compact, but D3 friendly.

One of my favourites, the McLaren M12, as used by Jim Hall while the 2H was misbehaving. Another Dynamic Handling bod, but this one on the outer limits of size- a full 81 mm wide, adaptable w/b (no wheel arches marked) and plenty of 'snout' for guide lead.

Never got my hands on these when they were new, but they still look sano to me. Paint, mount & race. or in my case, develop paralytic anxiety about painting, put on shelf and get involved in another never-ending project. Ain't it all fun, chums?
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