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Hi all,
Well I have the track out full time now and we are working towards getting it 100% a bit at a time, time is what I don't have much of.

After reading tips etc I ordered a track cleaning block off flea bay, turns out to be the most expensive piece of 3M Scotch Brite in the world, are there other types of cleaning pads/re-shine blocks and where can I get them from?

My track is pretty good apart from a longish section in the middle, probably around 12-14m long, I am going through making sure all the lugs underneath are pushed on ok with some thin nose pliers as one of the article Zipp did says to do, but I haven't put loads of foil disks on the pin ends yet as I bought some of the s/a copper tape thinking that would be easier, do I need to run that on each side of the track on both lanes from start to finish or can I as I have already tried stick a piece on each pin and going up on top of the track, then push them together, making sure they feed up on top of the track in the direction of travel of the cars?

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