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Real FX Racing

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Anyone seen this in action? I was surprised I couldn't find any posts on this mini R/C project given that they say it's been in development for 6 years.

Reportedly, the cars run 4 hours on 3* AAA batteries, but they do look quite slow. The cars have front & back opto sensors and AI to help keep the car in the middle of the track.

There's a steering knob & trigger on the remote controllers as well as audio and a memory card slot for updates and new gameplay themes. There's also pacers and virtual hazards with promise of links to smart devices in the future.

It doesn't say how many cars it can handle*, but I think the 2.4ghz wireless system is what Oxigen & Scorpius are based on, so it could potentially handle quite a few channels.

I'm certainly not trying to promote it here, but for info it's now a Kickstarter funding project for a pilot production run. I keep hearing this name and I'm not sure of what it involves exactly. I guess there's a risk to losing all your money even when the project is fully funded? Anyway, it's maybe worth a look if only for geek interest.

Link & video

*Edit: I see on the comments page it only supports 4 cars. There's also some interesting comments about the risks of people photocopying the track, as it uses a reflective infrared gradient but they compare it to a badly pirated DVD!
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They've just added an FAQ at the bottom of the page - retail price will probably be around £140. It makes the £80 pledge look more attractive, but they still have to raise some £35000 more in the next 2/3 weeks for it to fly.

Looks like it is actually similar to the Anki Drive system, but with a dedicated controller rather than using a phone.
Have to say I quite like the look of it as an addition
to slot racing. Seems like a nice compromise between standard RC & slots. I like the idea of there being an "assist" to keep you on the track. I wonder if the assist level is adjustable?

Definitely prefer it over Anki Drive. Track seems more flexible, proper controllers rather than you phone, and it's designed in Britain.

Just needs a few more backers,15 Days to go, get your pledges in.....

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I love the idea and the quickness of setup. I,d like to have a play with it before I decided if its for me. another great thing about it is its so portable, you could take it anywhere and have it up and running in a couple of mins. needs a different skillset and most people would pick it up in no time. its just a case of wait and see now. John
New short video including showing the controller briefly and the front wheel steering centering the car on the track.

And the track magnet connections are shown here.

It looks like the project will be a goer with £37k of the £50k already pledged and still a couple of weeks to go.
This appeared in our local rag about two weeks ago,its made about six miles away,here is the link to the article
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It does look cool. I also like it better than ANKI Drive.
Kickstarter's are nice in that you only pay if it's fully funded, and then you pay what you promised, and get the rewards you were promised. I haven't read about any, but I would assume there are some horror stories of funded kickstarters that don't reward people properly, but at least you don't pay without knowing that it will be fully funded.
QUOTE (Ade @ 27 Jun 2014, 23:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi
This appeared in our local rag about two weeks ago,its made about six miles away,here is the link to the article

Thanks Ade. I wonder if they'd let you have a go if you knocked on the door?

The controller speaker sounds tinny but it's got an earphone socket. also, maybe you will be able to install your own car sounds?
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QUOTE (MrFlippant @ 27 Jun 2014, 21:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It does look cool. I also like it better than ANKI Drive.
Kickstarter's are nice in that you only pay if it's fully funded,

I have bought into two other Kickstarter developments, Both delivered the goods, however both were late one of them by over 6 Months. The other pain was having to pay VAT on the import. This one could have been ok as it's UK based except that deliveries will be from China, so again suspect there will be VAT + handling fee to pay.

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They seem to have got Hamleys interested so it might take off more quickly.

Another snippet from the comments page:
QUOTE The car chassis includes a mini USB port under the removable body shell. We can use this in future to add 'smart' body shells. For instance, collision sensors, lights, weapons etc. The upgrade would be a case of buying the 'smart bodyshell' option to fit over your existing car chassis.

The handset includes a memory slot, which can allow us to completely replace the handset programming - e.g.. If we were to do a licensed brand version with different play pattern, menus, sounds etc.
Update: The project has passed its funding target now, so it should be a goer and the Kickstarter bit closes in a week's time. I think it has a good chance of succeeding when it hits the market - planned for October.

They have said they will release the 3D CAD plans for people to design their own body shells, which connect like Kyosho Mini-z and are easy to swap.

Here's an old video (with the project director) which shows some more detail on the gameplay and setup, but it has evolved since, and in particular the track is now modular:
Real FX Racing on Slotforum

The project is now well through it's funding target (Still a couple of Days to get a pledge in if you are interested) and first products expected to ship in October.

Got me thinking that it would be nice if there was somewhere that we could discuss ideas about the system, like we would if this was a slot based system.

There is for backers, as part of the kickstarter infrastructure, a comment question list It is well supported by the designers, who are based in Wolverhampton, but is just a single thread and does not lend itself to ongoing discussion on multiple subjects.

So a question for the Mod's on SF, can we have a sub forum here?

Now before anybody chirps up that it's not Slot Racing, no it's not in the current sense of the word. However I would argue that with this product there is a virtual slot. The system steers the car towards the centre of the track, and up to a certain speed you do not have to make any steering input. It's only as you increase the speed or want to overtake that you then move out of the "slot".

My view is that this product could be very successful. We have all discussed giving a child at Xmas the choice between Analog & Digital and which way that would go. If that choice included Real FX I think they would take a good share of the Xmas money.

There is so much that can be discussed, improved & added to. Just the track side of things which is a printed gradient that the IR sensors pick up on to position the car has endless possibilities for a revolution in track design.

A Forum is going to be needed, let's make it here. What do others think?

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QUOTE (RichG @ 8 Jul 2014, 08:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Real FX Racing on Slotforum

So a question for the Mod's on SF, can we have a sub forum here?

A Forum is going to be needed, let's make it here. What do others think?


Hello Rich

I'm quite "green" as one of the new moderators on SF, I'll keep an eye on if your request is picked up by the more senior mods, if not I will bring it up.
Maybe not a dedicated sub forum for just FX racing, but a more general one for lets say "guided racing" ?
Liked your definition, could see posts included in that subforum on Mag racing and other developments as well

with kind regards
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There's a new video (update 13) showing the car going a bit faster and with updated code and track allowing it to use more of the track.

If this turns out to be as good as it looks, people will kick themselves later for having missed the boat on the Kickstarter offers. The £100 (plus import duties & tax from China) for the starter set includes 2 R/C cars, 2 smart controllers and 6 m of track with free delivery - 3 days remaining.

Would be good to have a sub-forum dedicated to the assisted slotless racing sector to cover the likes of Real FX, Anki Drive & Mag Racing with surely more to come. I suppose it would sit best within the digital forum?
Wow. The speed is looking a lot better. I think that this system is looking really good and I'm excited to see how it progresses. Kickstarters tend to have very delayed delivery dates, so it will be interesting to see if they can deliver on time.

Unfortunately I don't think a new system is in the cards for me at this time as I have so much sunk into my track right now.

The new video of faster driving does make it look more exciting, more like slot racing with proper acceleration and braking for the turns. It's very tempting to pick up a set, but I think I'll wait until they are ready to buy for immediate shipment, even if that costs more. And, if it tanks, get some on clearance. ;-)

I agree with RichG that SlotForum could do with a slotless subforum (like digital) with dedicated forums for each slotless system (ANKI, RealFX, MagRacing, TCR/HO). But, if that's too much, then a single slotless subforum. I consider any guided model car system to fall within the overall hobby of slot racing, even if they work as much like an RC car as normal RC cars do. That's why the slotcarwiki is for guided model cars of all kinds, not just ones with slots for steering and rails for power.
Good call Mr F. I think a single new Forum, "Guided Slotless" would be a great start. If we ever get to a point where any system is getting a lot of interest & posts it can be split out then.

Either as a Digital Subforum as Chris has suggested or perhaps better with category of it's own? If we don't want to increase the number of Forums it could replace SportWorld

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Poor SportWorld.

Before it's time, that one. And I never even got to play with it.
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I've got an unopened starter set if you still want to try it Flip...........

Ha! Thanks, but I think I'll pass. Unless you know more than one other person in the world still using it? Does the internet feature even work any more? I would imagine that whatever server it connected to has been long down. For the rest of the features, I've got digital, so if I wanted a SportWorld (sans-network stuff) experience, I can just set up a digital track with no lane changers.

What I meant was, if I had come to the hobby prior to digital, I'm sure I would have really liked SportWorld... and then moved to digital when it came out.
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