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Hi Chaps

John (vfr750) was saying that there wasn't much activity in Scratchbuilding on this Forum so I thought I would throw this into the arena, with the hope that other members would share their little gems with us.

I have always admired the finish achieved on the Healey 3000 hood (top to our US friends), by Ninco. Very realistic and well beyond my limited ability, (or so I thought at the time!).

I'm a great fan of the Airfix range of 60's sports car models and one of the cars I'm currently working on is the MGB. The Airfix range is great and very good value for money but one area where it falls down badly is the hood representation.

If you paint it looks like....well a piece of painted plastic....

You can cover it with tissue paper and then paint it......pretty good but have you tried to cut wet tissue paper?...

My method is to paint the exterior of the hood with black enamel gloss paint and let it dry.

Then I spray the hood with acrylic matt black paint..........(looks of horror on readers faces!).

The whole thing then reacts and exfoliates (I think that's the correct term), and looks a real mess.........Don't panic!...........Let it dry and then sand it with a fine emery paper until you have almost a totally flat surface.

Finally spray again with matt acrylic black and you should have a pretty realistic looking hood, mine certainly doesn't look out of place when compared to the Healey hood.

I suggest you experiment on some scrap plastic first......

Good Luck


PS I'll try to take some pictures when I get my Digital Camera back from my son!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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