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just like your honest opinion on whether this car really is worth £12000

an honest discussion on merit and worthiness
his description says that they have been sold for £9000 so surely that is the upper limit on what people would pay previously so why ask for a further £3000 with no negotiation

plus is his write up true or just overhyped e.g where does he get that only thirty are left in existence out of possibly 600

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This has cropped up before, a rare car with a big price tag. I can't guess why no one has bought it yet!!!

I don't know how the seller can justify why the box is worth £3000, i have found a box may add between £5 and £20 to the value but not £3000. I have seen this model of car being sold for in the region of £3500 just a few years ago by Scale Models so where the seller found unboxed examples being sold for £9000 I don't know, perhaps others can shed some light on this. This isn't a car which pops up regularly for sale.

I notice he will p/x for a 1:1 classic car. If this sells it may impact on the price of other slot cars and others may see slot cars as some kind of investment rather then the fun hobby we know.


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The written england and form sentence of, reminds me a lot of those old faxes and emails we used to get from certain gentlemen who were no longer in service to a certain west African nation's finance ministry.

"They answered my small private lineage add in a local newspaper" oh really?

"This Bugatti has belong to myself since 1985 when I bought it from a family in an adjacent town near Bournemouth." He talks proper england, like wot I does.

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