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All New Version.
I have had a second look back through the threads and updated the links, a couple deleted but mostly additions. If you find any more that you think should be included please add them to the thread.

You will hopefully find both inspiration and solutions to your SSD problems here.


Really Useful Technical Links (SSD - Scalextric)


SSD Output Port
Trying to unravel the mystery....

SSD Powerbase - A look inside
What fails - How to upgrade (part2)

Cut power to controllers, but not powerbase

Missing Laps

Power Power & more Power, Do we need it? A discussion.

Dummies guide to repairing V1.5 PBs

Dummies guide to repair 6PB V1.2 to V1.4 MOSFETs

Dummies Guide - High Power mod for 6 car PB, (The master/slave mod)

Dummies guide to converting PB-ProSH to full 2 lane analogue

Dummies Guide 3 lane start or pit lane alongside start line., (ABA mod)

Dummies guide - High power mod using a 4PB as the slave

4 lane PB for SSD

PB sensing main straight AND pitlane, with only one PB

Dummies guide to sensing a single lane pitlane

How to Separate the Powerbase from the Track With Photos

Simple-H mod

PB Pro

PB Pro Where you are - Pb Pro Guys

Power Supply

Third-party Power Supplies

Digital PSU Recommendations

Dummies Guide to Wiring


SSD Hand Throttles - Are you loosing power
Have you got a 3F controller?

Controller test program

SSD controller extension leads
How to obtain or make up

Digify your Parmas (finally)

Adjustable Throttle Curve for SSD, Proposed Modification

Cars & In car Electronics

Digital car chipping database

SSD in car electronics
A quick look

Adding Rear & Brake lights to digital cars
GT40 sees Red. A story in 3 parts

Ghost, Pace, Challenger Cars
A look back and a glimpse forward

SSD F1 Chips
Joy turns to frustration

SSD F1 Board run & stop / ID change
Possible Solution

Upgrade your SSD in Car Controller, High power mosfet output stage

Incar Chip 'reborn' Improving the car's firmware

SSD cars losing I.D., Are we forced to just simply accept it?

SSD - chunky braids tip - Don't use 'em

lane Change

LC Guide Collision Fix?
Has anyone noticed...

SSD - Modifications
Sensor track in tight layouts

SSD LC Nugget!
Convert a RH Out-2-In to a LH In-2-Out..

Lane Change Conversion

Put an end to Overload troubles!
Dont try this without adult supervision

SSD Overload Fix

SSD flippers need to liven up., Modification needed.

How to ad Power to the Flippers

Opto sensors, Which one to use

In and out pit sensor


Controller test program

SSD Software (Latest)

SSD Software (Scale)

Scale Software Manual
SSD Software (Scale) Manual

Scalextric Digital Race Management
Adding lots of new functionality

New SSD software, Slot-GP Pro freeware RMS system for your Sport Digital System

New SSD software, RaceManager SSD

PCLapcounter with two powerbases

Hardware Add ons

Lap Count Tower, We have Liftoff

Collection of Laptower Photos

Prototype aux box up and running

GZB- AFB-Projekt "Additional feature box" finished and running, (Aux-Box for the SSD)

SSD > RS232 Converter Layout?


SSD and Le Mans Starts
Superb combination!!
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Good Idea Ian.

Thought I would add them to the main list. Doh.. I can't do that anymore. Can some posts be made editable? I promise to be good.

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Well done Rich, Great work, on behalf of all the Digital Guys I would like to say a big thank you this makes our lives so much easier.

If anyone would like to add to - amend any of the information in this thread just PM myself or Rich and we will add it in.

Regards Ian

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He has just updated some of the links at the top of this thread so that you can get to Slot-GP Pro for example


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Hi chaps,


I hope i haven't missed a previous answer to this question and that this is the right place to post this Q.

I have a 6 car PB v1.2, everything worked fine till this morning and now it just overloads, no cars, no track, nothing plugged into the PB just power and it beeps and says overload. From reading previous thrds and comments it seems that a normal failiure results in no sign of life at all, is that right or is this just a blown PB now?

Thanks for your help

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Nah - that's busted .............. I'll give a fiver for it!

Seriously, I would contact either Rikorocket or RichG .................. they can fix just about anything on a powerbase. This might be a good time to get a PB-pro and S-H upgrade ......................

Oh and by the way - welcome to the forum ....................

Cheers - Greg

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I would make sure your track is clean and free from anything that could cause a short across the rails.
Best thing would be to take the powerbase off the track and test it seperately.
Hope this helps

I do agree with greg the 1.2 base would be best served if you upgraded to PH pro S+H, at some
point it will fail.

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Do as Greg suggests, test it on its own. In answr to your question, no if the MOSFETS fail then the classic thing is what you are experiencing, it is only when the short is enough to take out the fuse that it all appears dead.

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I think Savage's "upgrade" of the IR LEDs to register better on the PLG/Pit-Pro and other things is worth adding to the In-Car Electronics section

It also appears the DPR fix is not in the listing. So, yeah, there are probably others that could do with adding as well.

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Apologies if I have missed it somewhere but I can not seem to find a dummies guide on how to convert an anolougue car into digital. Yes, there are guides on how to convert specific models of cars but not a generic one which would help out newbies with some generic hints and & tips as to what to do or not to do when chipping your car? Perhaps at the same time have an explanation of how to chip using Scaley and/or ships or any other chips used on Scalextric cars.

Once again apologies if such guide already exists...
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