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Rear axles for Carrera DTM cars?

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2 of my Carrera Pro-X DTM cars have worn out the axle gear to the point where it will just spin freely. Can anyone tell me where I can buy new ones from either a Canadian online shop or a US or other international shop that doesn't charge a lot for shipping? I've only been able to find this part in a few US shops, but they want way too much for shipping (ie: $20+ for shipping and this part only costs about $4) All of my slot car purchases have either been on eBay or from a (now closed) local shop and I have not needed to buy any parts until now.
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Hi h00ch,

I became a Carrera Club member for just this reason. 15 Euro for 2 years.
Parts are quite cheap and constantly available. Shipping to the UK is 5 or 6 Euro - not sure about Canada.

Once you are a member and logged into the website, the only thing that is annoying is that you have hit translate all the time (if using Google Chrome) as everything is in German. Otherwise quite fine. Ordered several bits and limited stuff from them and all of it gets shipped via DHL....3-4 days and it's here.


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To be honest, I thought when I signed up that it's was only for Germans....but hey-ho, stuff ordered, stuff arrived....I know in theory the UK is part of Europe....but you never know. Let me check if they allow shipping to Canada at least, I'll let you know soon.

Result: Yep - only Europe....which is a shame. I think they should really consider opening it up to the world....
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