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The Monogram Lola GT Mk6 is my all time favourite slot car because it was my first contact with a quality kit in the 60's and the shape of that body is just gorgeous. I've kept my old car in good condition, but it's fragile and priceless and I've wanted to build a new one for a long time.

The original kit cars are rare and expensive so when Richard Gondeck in the US made a resin body re-cast it seemed like a golden opportunity to finally build a new one.

The resin body is thin and light. The surface details are very well preserved but some of them got lost when filling and sanding the surface to remove pinholes and imperfections.
No big deal, I'm not too thrilled about rivets in this scale anyway and the important bits are there.
Look at that shape - it doesn't get better than that…

The paint job is a fantasy of course, but I guess it could have looked something like this.
The chassis is MRRC Sebring from a King Cobra. The wheels look reasonably correct but I would have wanted slightly fatter rear tires. It fitted perfectly with just a small adjustment of the wheel base.
I'm very pleased with how the car turned out. Hope you like it too and thanks Richard for making the kit.

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