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Recaptcha security signup problem

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One of our club members is trying to sign up to the Slotforum, but the recaptcha security is off line, so it won't let him complete the process. Can you help please?

It also won't let me email support, as you need to go through recaptcha for that too.


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VS is onto,the problem , we are not an isolated incident.
Captcha which is a plug in is having a lot of issues at the moment so a fix or upgrade should be in the works.
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It would appear to be fixed now. The new version of recaptcha has been installed by VS and we are now back to two layer verification of new members. There is the current "tick to prove you are not a robot" thing as well as the security question.

Keep an eye on new registrations Jim and let me know if problems arise again.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention Steve.
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Yes, it all looks good now. Thanks to all involved in getting it sorted.
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