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QUOTE (Jimster71 @ 4 Oct 2004, 12:03)Hi,

I was looking at a couple of the recent Viper models online:

Oreca Viper Le Mans 1998 (A84)

Valencia 2004 GTR Viper (A205)

Barcelona 2003 Festina Viper (A206)

What main differences are there between the models, apart from the liveries (obviously) and the availability of the Oreca viper with lights?

The only differences in the models are brought about by the different regulations for the 1:1 prototype cars.

There are slight differences between LeMans regs (A84) and the FIA GT regs - the only really visible impact is that the LeMans cars have a curved rear spoiler, and the FIA GT cars have a straight rear spoiler.

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