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the SCX Corvette is really making me sad! how can a nearly stock car run that fast? the only bigger modification are K&Ds on the rear, look at that time, on a dusty track, 5 degrees colder in the garage than during the ProNoMag and if the track cleans up, it turns laps under 10 seconds! sad, sad, sad

i purchased 50 street lights from the bay, with grains of weed, no LEDs, for under 30 euros for 50 pieces. wiring these lamps is a real PIA, you can´t get the isolation of the wire without ripping it. you can´t connect it, it really time consuming. But when wired, they work great! The pics show a little more light than the lamps acutally spread on the track, but nevertheless, they are worth the money and look really good.

have fun,
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