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I bought a typical cheap Mercedes CLK off eBay a little while ago - you know they score, badly rubbed tampo printing, scuff marks all over, missing tyres.

I had planned to just replace the wheels for decent hubs and tyres, which I've done to other cars of this range, but this one was so bad cosmetically I decided to give it a paint job.

Paint is my own mix of Tamiya dark blue and silver, giving a medium blue metallic finish. 'Red Bull' decals from Pendle Slot Racing, and are really for a Ferrari 360... the side ones just about fit! A layer of gloss over the paint, decals applied and then 2 good coats of more gloss.

Scalextric 'Sierra spokes' fitted in place of the original hubs, and the larger ribbed tyre fitted all round.

Won't bore you guys any further, here are the pics...

Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car Tire

Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle

Tire Car Vehicle Toy Hood
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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