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Red not Dead

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Hi Thingie Chums

The Green Manalishi, as described on the Sunchaser threads, is soon to be reincarnated as a new ride for the Thing King.
No pictures yet- I have to assemble some bitz. We will describe the build from notion to motion and we promise to keep the cool crowd informed via the usual channel.

Every age demands new Things. This years Thing will be a lot like last year's Thing, but we hope to recapture a lost age of honest toil and shared benefit.

Hail to thee blithe Thingies! And all who build, drive and slather over them.
Easy on the Vermouth, barman.
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Hi Howmet,

Thanks for showing step by step how to make a bracket

and making it a very interesting read at that.

can't wait for the next step
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Comrade Howmet,

I once more must salute you on presenting us with a fantastic propaganda for the Revelation!

For this i feel that comrade Howmet must be rewarded for his good deeds for the cause:...Spreading the revolution and infecting others.
Me as revolutionair wannabe will do my best to support your cause and help you and the others conquer the world!
There is a secret parcel to the 'Tsar' which has had a delay due to counter revolutionaries actions.
This package contains secret material to strengthen the Force!

If there is time left to do such good as you where talking about in your last sentence then please do, you have my full support.

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Comrade Howmet,

I see you have made more progress to strengthen the will and force of the people.
Me for one and more inspired day by day to help the revolution by looking at your wonderful creations.
Some spy shots might be revealed in not to long.

There is also a secret parcel on its way as we speak to strengthen the revolution.
Soon it will arrive and then they will multiply to support others in there quest to help the revolution.
Power to the people!

Well who am i to mute....

Comrade Howmet,

I salute you, for having created something that pleasing for the people.
Me, as a part of the people feel the force grow inside of me just by looking at the pictures,

However there is minor confusion on my side what the actual name of the lovely 'covering'
Inquiring minds would love to know so they can spread the word to the people and name it as you intended.

How does one acquire that membership card number?
Is there a special ritual one should perform...i am game..

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That looks nice, would be nice to see Mr,V back here again

I am happy that Mr,P still comes around here, and of-course all you others

I hope that one day i might get to see one with my name on it
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Thanks Comrade Ray

Don't you just love the stare in the sun smile

I resized it a little bit to a card size.

I can not believe i got the #5 very nice.
So now that we know who #3 #4 and #5 are...who is #1 and #2 and of-course the biggest Thingie Body builder of them all,
Mr Ray
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You mean i did not have to send a picture of my ugly head but that i could also use one of my (favorite) slotcars
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It looks like Comrade Howmet is a Jeweler or was one in his previous life.
Fantastic soldering it all looks squeaky clean

Nice pictures Edo, Thanks

Hey Chief,

Think you are right that it would be nice to have those in there own thread.
I have been saving the illusive one27ray pictures for a bit now and will in the future dedicate a thread to him with permanent pictures
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