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Red not Dead

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Hi Thingie Chums

The Green Manalishi, as described on the Sunchaser threads, is soon to be reincarnated as a new ride for the Thing King.
No pictures yet- I have to assemble some bitz. We will describe the build from notion to motion and we promise to keep the cool crowd informed via the usual channel.

Every age demands new Things. This years Thing will be a lot like last year's Thing, but we hope to recapture a lost age of honest toil and shared benefit.

Hail to thee blithe Thingies! And all who build, drive and slather over them.
Easy on the Vermouth, barman.
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so far there is not much slathering to do here since that concerned individual above prefers to spend his evenings actually playing with Kingee's next to be toys instead to stay home and build more!
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QUOTE (howmet tx @ 9 Mar 2009, 09:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Progress through collective effort...
Indeed, dear H!
This is where our collective effort, Mine and yours, shows how Royalty and proletariat meet for a common cause!
May the Thingie Revolution, the united workers and Gazprom flourish and serve the Splendid, the Blessed, the Only, the One: the E and Its Kingiedom (on which the sun never sets).

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QUOTE (howmet tx)... The Thingie Kingdom will be replaced by the Radical Revolution...

Hey H.

certainly not at the pace you're engaging yourself for it!

PS Anyway, thank you for posting your project!
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Indeed We are extremely pleased, dear H!
Not only by the the display of a quite pleasant toy, but also and especially for the utmost comprehensive left-to-the-left-of-the-left's text ever written on the face of this Earth!
Marx's Capital and Mao's Red Book are now declared as being revisionist and risibly bourgeois.
Such text of yours it's now the gospel and therefore mandatory to all population in and out of Thingiedom.
Kingee spoketh!
QUOTE (chief32s)Hey Ray, may be a moderator could move these "membership card" posts to your thread on the subject.
And which thread would that be, if I may ask?

Anyway, by absolute pure chance We've obtained bigger better pics of the chassis built and described above by the United Marxist Workers led by the H:

Motor is a Russkit 25 rewound and perfected by John Havlicek, the new but already famous motor master who appeared on the slot scene recently:

Note the overhead cams of the edb (hi Bob, you ok?):

And here the reincarnated Green Manalishi all dressed up and ready to go:

Really super cute, innit?
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