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Red not Dead

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Hi Thingie Chums

The Green Manalishi, as described on the Sunchaser threads, is soon to be reincarnated as a new ride for the Thing King.
No pictures yet- I have to assemble some bitz. We will describe the build from notion to motion and we promise to keep the cool crowd informed via the usual channel.

Every age demands new Things. This years Thing will be a lot like last year's Thing, but we hope to recapture a lost age of honest toil and shared benefit.

Hail to thee blithe Thingies! And all who build, drive and slather over them.
Easy on the Vermouth, barman.
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QUOTE (Edo @ 15 May 2009, 10:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And which thread would that be, if I may ask?

Hi Edo, I was concerned that I'd imagined it, but it does exist. Here it is, the What's in your wallet thread.

Unfortunately it appears that most of the images have vanished in the same manner that many of Ray's images vanish. Such a pity that they are so fleeting.

It looks like Comrade Howmet is a Jeweler or was one in his previous life.
Fantastic soldering it all looks squeaky clean

Nice pictures Edo, Thanks

Hey Chief,

Think you are right that it would be nice to have those in there own thread.
I have been saving the illusive one27ray pictures for a bit now and will in the future dedicate a thread to him with permanent pictures
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Thanks Comrade How

To my surprise a box showed up the other day
And what did I fine
Wow !!! a Body from Comrade
Now it's sitting on a chassis to gaze at for now
and a few other thanges.....

green you say

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Hey Howmet,

Well I got the " Manalishi " painted/mostly green and it's sitting on a possible frame
after it dries, I'll cut-her-down and mount it.

Thanks again for the's as cool on the screen as it is off the screen

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Ssssssss.... we in the party LOVE snakeskin, Ray. Beautiful job!
So who is the Head Snake?

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Well , can I just say I'm very new here and as such have been opening doors and following links at random .
howmet , you really should write a book !

Why is there no "like" buttons for posts of exceptional enlightenment ?

Remarkable chassis as well , beautiful plumage !
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