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Reducing voltage on a 4 car pb

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I'm wondering if I can reduce the voltage on a 4 car pb using a variable psu? This is to limit the speed for kids on a club practice track. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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I believe you can, but not as far down as you may need to go for the cars to stay on at full throttle. The 4 car base will go into a brown out mode if the voltage goes much lower than the expected input. I don't know what that level it, though. If anyone knows, RichG or RikoRocket would.
WOW! 4 volts?!? Wow. I figured it would brown out before that. Is that dependent on the version of the base, or will any old/new 4 car base handle volts that low?
That's super good to know, actually. It makes a variable voltage PSU even more useful, even (and especially) for beginners.
Ah, ok. I totally mis-read that.
My bad.
12v volts makes a lot more sense. I guess it depends on the layout and the cars, then.
In any case, 12v would be better than 15v for helping new drivers stay on.
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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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