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Reducing voltage on a 4 car pb

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I'm wondering if I can reduce the voltage on a 4 car pb using a variable psu? This is to limit the speed for kids on a club practice track. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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I've run one successfully on a C7004 (12V), so down 4 Volts
Yes, running with magnets they were slow, real slow.
We are talking 12Volts, (4 Volts down on the standard 16V) even on the C7030 you could get down to below 11V before the brownout would cut in... Actually I think I shorted out one of the diodes so that would be + 0.7V so actually only down 3.3V.
Hy-speed, if your club is going to have a C702 then you can set lower power levels to make kid friendly racing
Or add a small resistor in parallel so it never gets to 3F
3F is the hexadecimal value that the computer chip inside the 4PB reads when the throttle is fully pulled. Except for a lot of the ealy ones it didnt get anywhere near. Adding a resistor in parallel to the main slider would reduce the max value (throttles go from zero trigger=zero ohms to max trigger=max ohms) so it would reduce top speed.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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