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Hello, I'm new on the board and just bought theSSD track and noticed the digital cars run on 12 volts and my other set is 15-16 volts. I know you can add the chips to the regular cars but are they going to be alot slower by runing on 12 volts. Are the motors in the digitals rated differently? How do they or will they compare on the track? Does anyone know if you could use a regular 15 volt wall transformer in the digital powerbase. Thanks for your help.


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Hi T,

I think it's a safe bet to say that all stock Scaley motors are the same - I wouldn't worry in this respect. Now, if you were to run digital cars on an analog track you might indeed find them slower, due to the voltage drop across the decoder diodes

AFAIK wall warts are lousy PSUs, with output voltage varying wildly with load - so 12, 15 V doesn't mean much, look rather at the VA rating (SSD's 30 VA, right ?)

If you connect two wall warts in parallel, they should be identical - but just to be on the safe side (we keep hearing there won't be spares available for a while), I would wait until the system is dissected - it may just be that the SSD PSU is more filtered than the usual

Hope this helps

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