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Struggling with insomnia in the summer of 2004, I happened to watch the Winn Dixie 250 Busch Series race from Daytona. Amazing entertainment and drama, and the quite amazing sight of top name drivers competing in the 'lesser' class. The effect of Dale Earnhardt Jr leading on the massive summer crowd was infectious, and then on the last lap all this happened... with Jason Leffler sending Junior up to ride the wall very close to where his father died 3 years earlier...

After the race the interviewer found a rueful looking Junior and asked for his thoughts (with some trepidation).

The answer was: "Did you ever get so mad you didn't care if you won the fight or not?"


Anyway, I built this car five years ago from a Scalextric white body. That car - plus my 2004 Bud 'Born On' Daytona winner and my 2004 Oreo's car - was subsequently stolen from my office!

Now with SCX cars at an all-time low price and Patto's decals benefitting from his new flexi-ink printing it was time to do it again...

Patto has two sets of decals for the car. These are harder work but do at least have the right name above the door. In deference (!) to the sponsor, the team put 'Stroker Ace' up there:

Anyway, along with Herbie, this is now the pride of my collection.
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