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A dashing enigma, Peter Walker will always be remembered for winning Le Mans, 1951, in the C-Type with his friend, Peter Whitehead. Walker was a fast, successful driver before and after the War, but his personality changed significantly after crashing his Aston at the Nurburgring in 1956. "Take me to alcohol," he told ambulance staff. A short sentiment that paved the way for Peter's downfall, ruin and demise.

A man who farmed successfully at Shobdon, Herefordshire, 'everyone' knew Peter as an intelligent, smiling, happy man. He was a gentleman driver and farmer who leapt from riches to rags in just a few short years, solely because of his affair with the bottle.

During his last many years, he propped up the bar at the Horse & Groom pub in Hereford drinking cheap, rough cider. He was penniless, senseless and incapable of even the most basic hygiene duties. Occasionally, he'd be taken to the County Hospital to dry out but with varying degrees of success.

During his final hospital stay, he fell in love with a nurse. They married and lived in a flat in Worcestershire. Eventually, Peter returned to the bottle, and
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dropped a cigarette down the back of the sofa. A fire resulted (1984) and Peter died in his smoke-filled sitting room. A sad end for a once brilliant racing driver who'd captured the imagination of the British motor racing public.
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