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removing chips from scalextric boxters

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Just wondering if it is possible to remove the digital chips from the the scalextric digital set, and put them in some of my non-digital cars?
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Yes - fully possible. If your car does not have a hole in the chassis, just drill one like that you see in the Boxter. Hold the chip in using a drop of hot glue. Be careful not to over do it and fry the components.
From The Scalextric Website:QUOTE When retro fitting a Digital chip to a Scalextric car ensure that the chip is positioned as close behind the guide blade as possible. In theory, the chip can also work in front of the guide blade as well as just behind. When fitting the sensor chip behind the guide blade consider the distance between the car sensor chip and the lane change flipper and the distance between guide blade and flipper. Guide blade to flipper should be the greatest distance possible. The longer the distance the chip is situated behind the guide blade will result in the guide blade being closer to the lane change flipper before the sensor actuates the lane change flipper. This will increase the chance of the car not changing lane when driving at high speed. Therefore, fitting the sensor chip close to the guide blade ensures the correct distance between guide blade and lane change flipper. Additionally, the sensor should also be placed in the chassis so that it is immediately above the track slot. This is normally on the centre line of the car chassis.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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