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removing chips from scalextric boxters

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Just wondering if it is possible to remove the digital chips from the the scalextric digital set, and put them in some of my non-digital cars?
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Finally got my SSD set, and immediately opened a car : the decoder board seems to be glued with CA to the two support clips, and the output wires are directly soldered to the motor terminals - nothing dramatic, but it's a nuisance

Decoder dimensions are 32.5 x 15 mm , thickness is about 4 mm except where you have the round "thing" on one side and something else on the other : 10 mm there

And then there's the LED base, just 15 x 6 mm

Was trying to read what's on the chip(s?), but it's way too small : anybody got a magnifying glass ?

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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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