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removing chips from scalextric boxters

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Just wondering if it is possible to remove the digital chips from the the scalextric digital set, and put them in some of my non-digital cars?
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Seemingly off topic, but a digi camera with decent macro facility can be a way to decypher tiny print, Beppe.
I know, I know, Swiss, NOTHING gets past you!
I'm fixated on digi-cams and it's tough enough arguing with self without YOU ganging up on me too!

Now, let's see . . . with an electronic gizmo here and there and a touch of Wankel's famous voodoo ju-ju, one could rig up a digicam to produce photo finishes and assist race dictators in difficult 'fault decisions' when assigning pit lane penalties!

I'm probably going to wish I hadn't thought of that or at least have had more sense than admit to it!
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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