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Removing copper tape

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I took down my 27m SSD layout and I'm left with copper tape all over the rails! I figured I'd just lift it off before I took up the track, but that was a total failure. Now I have all this track with various amounts of tape on the rails.

I've tried picking it off with an #11 blade(EXACT) with little luck. I'm afraid to ruin the track with a solvent, but maybe there is something mild enough?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance,
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Indeed. Citrus oil based cleaner works brilliantly for removing any leftover glue.

You might have more luck removing the copper tape if its warm. I haven't tried it myself, but going on experience stripping vinyl graphics off 1:1 cars the warmth helps to soften the glue, so the tape will pull off more easily. Not sure that there's an easy way.

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