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Removing copper tape

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I took down my 27m SSD layout and I'm left with copper tape all over the rails! I figured I'd just lift it off before I took up the track, but that was a total failure. Now I have all this track with various amounts of tape on the rails.

I've tried picking it off with an #11 blade(EXACT) with little luck. I'm afraid to ruin the track with a solvent, but maybe there is something mild enough?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance,
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HI spa
have read in another thread that disc brake clearer works, but ember recomended this in a reply to my thread.

QUOTE (Ember @ 21 Feb 2011, 22:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>There's a product here called Citro Clean that works wonderfully on that sort of adhesive. Not sure if it's available elsewhere. It's a citrus oil based cleaner. There are many others like it, but this particular brand is the one that works. Safer and better than brake disc cleaner. And no elbow grease required.

A couple of fellows in WA had copper taped a very large 4 lane N-digital setup and had still dealt with recurring issues with it. They eventually removed the copper tape and started treating with Inox. Result was much improvemed in continuity.


have bought a glue and sticker remover which is citrus based and works well.
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