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Removing sections of tampo rather than all...

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Does anyone have a sneaky means of removing small amounts of tampo without destroying the paint? I've got a couple of cars that are almost spot-on bar a couple of decals that I can replace - but I would hate to have to start from scratch as they're elusive colours to say the least!

Thanks in advance...
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QUOTE (Mr Modifier @ 8 May 2012, 23:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Meths takes the tampo off a Scalextric .... It doesn't touch SCX cars at all - the clear coating seems to be resistant to meths.
My experience with SCX cars differs. I've removed selective Tampo from a windscreen with cotton bud, meths and patience. And tampo on SCX cars with cotton bud and meths as a test patch on the way to stripping a full car in meths. But, it must be noted that some colours seem to remove more easily than others. This might be due to the paint/ink rather than the clear coat. Orange and yellow seem to remove more easily than red or white. Black seems to be relatively easy to remove as well.

With the Scalex Boxsters that I gave a quick repaint for a school fete track, I again used meths and cotton bud method, and found that black and orange removed very easily but red and white would not budge. Eventually I gave up on the clean up and just gave a light sand and resprayed, as it was only intended to be 'quick and dirty.'

Patience is key. And lots and lots and lots of cotton buds.

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Maybe I've just been lucky with the half dozen or so SCX cars I've done.
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