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Removing sections of tampo rather than all...

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Does anyone have a sneaky means of removing small amounts of tampo without destroying the paint? I've got a couple of cars that are almost spot-on bar a couple of decals that I can replace - but I would hate to have to start from scratch as they're elusive colours to say the least!

Thanks in advance...
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Cotton bud and methylated spirit.

BUT - use at your own risk!

Meths takes the tampo off a Scalextric crystal display case, a modern Scalextric car and Taurus NASCARs from the 90's in my experience. It takes quite a bit of gentle rubbing but it does come off after 3-4 minutes. It doesn't touch SCX cars at all - the clear coating seems to be resistant to meths.

I haven't tried it on any other makes.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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