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Try methylated spirit on a cotton bud. Don't soak the bud.

It will take you hours mind but you should be able to get away with it without damaging the underlying paint too much. BUT try a small area first before you lay into it and keep the meths off the white paint as much as you can.

This should work with those stripes. IT WILL NOT WORK with very small and thin areas of tampo because you end up rubbing the paint beside it and removing paint at the same time as tampo so be careful. Those tiny pin stripes outside the main blue areas worry me a bit with this technique.

I assume you will be decaling up this car so will you be lacquering after that? If so any imperfections in the white paint due to your tampo removal should be disguised by the lacquer.

Worse case scenario? You mess up the paint in a couple of places and have to do a light overspray.

Hopefully the body is made in white plastic so you may find you get away with quite a lot!

See what others say before you commit to this - there may be a magic solution that I'm not aware of.
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