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We need some help for Renn Bahn Manager software + hardware. Rbm is a PC based (Windows XP) lapcounter with hardware interface box by Bepfe company (

This system works by red LED and photoresistors. While slotcar drives under gate, system should notice a lap and laptime. This system was ok few weeks ago and everything worked OK! Now it notices laps only sometimes. We have tried this without room lights, we've adjusted photoresistors sensitiveness on hardware box. This hardware box notices while car goes through gate, because there are indicator LEDs for each lane on this box. Problem is that we don't get signal from hardware box to Rbm program.

We don't have extended RS232 cable from hardware to PC, just a standard 9 pin male/female connector.

If someone have any experience of RBM system, please help us!

Best regards
Jussi + LemUA slot car club from Finland
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