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Scaley Brawn BGP01 Jenson Button Ltd Edition - £15 inc. UK postage
Run once, no marks or breaks. Both magnets in place, 20k motor and all the 'Sport' gubbins. If you've got a shelf queen, here's one you can run!

Scaley Ausin Se7en Ltd Edition - £12 inc. UK postage
Club racer with Ninco driver figure added. Magnet removed and 12g of lead shoehorned into the chassis (removable), runs beautifully on Sport track... shame our club uses Ninco track!

Scaley Benetton B194 Riccardo Patrese - £10 inc. UK postage
Less common set car version no. 6 Patrese with driver/helmet repainted

Carrera Jaguar D-Type
Reliveried as Stirling Moss/Peter Whitehead Le Mans 1954. Missing a bonnet strap but otherwise rather gorgeous and much better than the original faded green and wrong style numbers of the original Carrera issue IMHO! I've also got another complete car disassembled, haven't started repaint, comes with BWA wheels and inserts. £25 for this one, £40 the pair inc. UK postage

Scaley 'Intimidator' Chevrolet Camaro - £30 inc. UK postage
Relivery job with BBS wheels (same as the 'Big Red' Ltd. Ed.) done as the Richard Childress Racing road car with Dale Earnhardt driver figure repaint. Missing rear light glasswork (stepdaughter broke it mid-relivery!) and magnet has been replaced by lead weight. Fast and smooth.

MRRC Spectator figure set - brand new
10 spectators, standing and sitting, men and women. Deleted and sought-after. £10 inc. UK postage

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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