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Repairing a hole in a repro Clear body made by True Scale

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I am preparing a 1/24 car for Dunkerque and I am using for the first ever time a vacform body shell. The body is made by True Scale and is a repop of the Russkit Iso Grifo. Being a beginner with the sort of thing I was bound to make a mistake! I was making the holes for mounting the body, I'm using dress making pins which slide into brass tubes which are soldered to the chassis. I had to make 4 holes, 3 of the 4 are fine but the 4th is too big! I used to much pressure with my Dremel and ended up making a hole which is far too big for the pin head. It measures 3mm, I've since relocated the brass tube and made a new hole for the 4th pin, but I'm left with a hole I don't want.

My initial thought was to paint the car then fill afterwards and hand paint the filled part and then put a roundel over the top (it is just below the door). Has anyone else got a better idea?


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hy, you needn,t have drilled the extra hole, you could have used pin hole strengthening strip[or nylon strapping tape] on the inside of the body and redrilled the pin hole smaller. as it is, take big t,s advise its sound. john
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