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Repairing a hole in a repro Clear body made by True Scale

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I am preparing a 1/24 car for Dunkerque and I am using for the first ever time a vacform body shell. The body is made by True Scale and is a repop of the Russkit Iso Grifo. Being a beginner with the sort of thing I was bound to make a mistake! I was making the holes for mounting the body, I'm using dress making pins which slide into brass tubes which are soldered to the chassis. I had to make 4 holes, 3 of the 4 are fine but the 4th is too big! I used to much pressure with my Dremel and ended up making a hole which is far too big for the pin head. It measures 3mm, I've since relocated the brass tube and made a new hole for the 4th pin, but I'm left with a hole I don't want.

My initial thought was to paint the car then fill afterwards and hand paint the filled part and then put a roundel over the top (it is just below the door). Has anyone else got a better idea?


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Also next time just use a sharp pin to make the pinholes, Dremels are too powerful. Back the pinholes with cloth tape, strapping tape or a sequin.
Trimming wheel arches: trim very roughly with a small pair of scissors, then use your dremel with the sanding drum on a slow/medium speed to sand away the edges of the rough hole up to the marked line. Sand or trim off any remaining 'flash' created by the process. If the wheelarches are too small to get the drum in without snagging, use the slightly smaller drum grinding wheel to get started.

Cockpits are the same - carefully make a rough hole in the middle of the opening then open out with sanding or grinding drums.

This produces good results very quickly, and also reduces the risk of the wheelarches cracking, as the grinding produces a smooth edge.

You can do this before or after painting the body.
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