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I was fixing a broken guide mount and was going to use my usual trick of reinforcing the epoxy with a piece of wire. (The wire gives you something to glue to the chassis). It's always a hassle keeping the wire in place while the epoxy is setting - so I looked for a better way. Here is a brief how-to using a safety pin.

First grind out the old guide mount ready to take a 3/16 piece of brass tube cut to the length of the broken guide mount. I also dremmeled away some of the plastic where the guide meets the inside of the chassis. You'll see why soon.

Get a 50mm safety pin, open it out wide and fit the brass tube into the hole at the end. It will fit perfectly. Slide the safety pin so it's all the way down one end of the cut tube. The tension in the clip will hold it there nice and tight. Run a bead of epoxy around the clip to lock it in place. I used 5 minute epoxy.

Trim the safety pin leaving some wire out each side. Epoxy the tube to the chassis. If you wait until the epoxy used above is tacky, this is much easier. I also roughed up the side of the tube that was being glued to the chassis with a file to give the glue something to adhere to.

I then used JB Weld to set the new mount in place. The cut paper clip acts as reinforcing. Dremmeling out the plastic where the guide meets the inside of the chassis lets the wire sit flat, ready for the JB Weld - or epoxy if you prefer.

This method keeps the bottom half of the guide tube 'clean' so the guide will rotate smoothly when it's fitted.

Hope this was of interest. I've never repaired a broken mount faster.

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