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Alexis Gaitanis
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I was ready to put my Skoda in the box to post to SCX Proxy Rally when i realised that 3 out of 4 rims were loose on the axles.A close examination proved that they had cracked.

A quick search showed no replacement parts in by spare box.No time to order new ones.So here is what i came up with.

I cut a piece of 1mm brass sheet 4-5 mm bigger than the dia of wheel center,in this case wheel center is 6 so i cut 11x11.Drilled a hole 1,75 mm as centered as i could then mounted the piece on the dremel axle we usually mount the cutting disk on.

I filed the square down to a disk of 10mm dia.

Then drilled the disk.The tricky part is this:i used 5 bits 3mm,4mm,4.75,5.5,6 one after the other because it is very difficult to hold the tiny disc in place while drilling.In reality a 6mm bit gives a 5.6-5.7 mm hole which is perfect for the job.The general rule is that the final drill has to be ~.5 mm smaller than the desired dia.

I filed conically the hole to reach the desired dia using a round file,one tiny step at a time,test fitting between steps.When done correctly(i scrapped 4-5 before getting it right) you can press fit the disk over the wheel center.Then
you dont even have to super glue the rim on the axle,i did because they have to last a whole championship.
Sorry for the bad photos but it was a rush job.
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