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Replacement Wheels For Scalextric F40

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I'm slowly recommissioning all the cars from my teenage years and bought some new tyres for the F40 as the old ones had cracked. I hadn't realised though that the wheels had gone brittle and had also cracked, so although still tight they are running miles from true.

I'd like to keep the correct Ferrari style wheels and ideally use the same tyres as they're brand new, but aside from direct replacement wheels from Scalextric (Which I'm reluctant to do because frankly, they're rubbish), what alternatives are out there?
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Hi there,

I have seen lots of F40 Scalextric wheels on that well known auction site at sensible money.

Alternatively Fly, SCX and have all made F40s (i know I have 52 F40 slot cars at the last count

Or, if you are feeling rich, do a beautiful 5 spoke alloy wheel (in alloy) that looks the business on F40s....
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