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SCX motors have a long central pinion rod, so whatever you fit may have trouble reaching the axlegear.

Maybe an Scalextric/Scaleauto/MRRC FF tiny motor will reach, butnd you'll have to buy smaller diameter pinions (only in the Scalex Sport' spare range for a lot of $$$. Then you'll have to find a way of fitting the motor to the chassis and maybe even cutting down the rather long pinion rod!

Cartrix also do motors with extended pinion rods and extened pinions with an added piece of rod, but hardly any retailers stock Cartrix and their stuff is ridiculously expensive sine the global economy stuffed up the slotcar industry by forcing manufacturers to hike up their prices.

Or you could try to sleeve the rear axle if you use a SlotIt/SCX adaptor and a standard S Mabuchi motor. I think it'll have to be can-drive for these cars?

Another thing to think about is that I have 4 SCX cars I have with the standard RX41 16000rpm motors and all of them beat every standard 18000rpm Scalextric stock cars I have bought over the last 3 years. This is because I have swapped out the stupidly over-powerful SCX magnet and fitted a lighter one. This creates less drag on speed and acceleration and much more responsive racing.

Of course, if you are heavily reliant upon massive magnets to keep you cars on the track then you'll have to try:

1. FF can motors

2. SlotIt/SCX adaptors and axle sleeving to greate a gearmesh

3. A desperate search for the right Cartrix motor or extended pinions (try Gaugemaster in England first)

It's just easier and better to buy a few thin magnets on Ebay and replace the overly powerful ones that SCX fit!
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