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Replacing vac formed windows

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I am currently working on an Ocar XJ12C and I have now reached the stage where I need to sort out the
windows. The kit comes with a vacform as you would expect but whilst the body is very good the vac
form is IMO a very poor fit and I wondered what other methods for marking out plus what materials
and fixing adhesive folk use??

I am thinking along the lines of cutting the front and rear screens individually.The side windows should
be easy as they are flat.

I did PM a member who posts regularly on here and he was kind enough to give me some advice and I
have had a bit of an experiment but my skill levels are no where near his.


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When I make the vac-form patterns for any master I do, I always make the windows to be moulded flat. I also don't make them until I have the first moulding back from the moulder (usually Steve Francis) in case of any shrinkage.

There is no way one of those "greenhouse" mouldings will ever fit properly except by complete chance. Since most of them don't fit it's best to cut them down each corner and along the top of each window. Throw away the rest. Lay each window inside the model and trim all round until they fit either from behind or in the aperture, whichever you're happy with, then carefully lay some of your chosen glue in from inside the model. let it run into the joint by capillary action and set aside. Do one at a time.

On a "greenhouse" unit the bottom edges are often flared where the vacuum didn't quite pull it in. In that instance the only answer is to make new flat windows from acetate/PVC/PTEG sheet and cut carefully to fit.

Don't despair.
And better still buy kits I did the master for<GG>

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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