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Well... I've had a couple of these Reprotec Nissans for a while, but only really just got around to looking at them properly.

A few brief notes:

1 Chassis - nice 'n' flat 'n' true. Has a replaceable motor pod as per ninco ie transmission is part of the chassis not the pod.

2 Axles - straight 'n' true.

3 Wheels and gears - copies - very round 'n' true.

4 Tyres - unsuitable for my Carrera circuit
- V soft tho'.

5 Body - Almost vacform lightness, attaches straight 'n' true to the chassis (No trimming required for 'body float') - the screws have no thread at the top 2mm or so to aid this too.

6 Motor - characteristics = v12 25k.

Driving impressions:

OK so I swapped the tyres for some ortmanns
All else, out of the box. The car has good punch and would easily accept a more powerful motor. It changes direction very well, making it suitable for twistier tracks.


As a benchmark, my fully tricked out fly porsche gt1 evo2rs with optimal motor (v12 29k) gearing, wheels and tyres, will lap my circuit in 6.15 seconds. With tyres swapped for Ortmanns, and all else standard, the r390 will lap at 6.35 seconds. The Nissan is one SERIOUSLY quick non-mag car, with a little further setup and development work, it should be comfortably into the 5 second bracket.

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