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During our current house arrest, my wife decided to fix her own nails and so ordered the full nail bar kit. Incidentally, this comes with a very tasty variable speed dremel like tool which I may commandeer. The process is an interesting one, if smelly, and uses an acrylic material which I have discovered makes a wonderful repair material for resin and f.g. car bodies.

It consists of an activator solution and a powder. A brush is dipped in the solution, then the powder and instantly forms a paste which can be painted on to the damaged area. It is gloopy enough to be used as a high build material and sets solid in about two minutes. I left mine overnight and then attacked it with files and emery paper. It was so hard that I needed a large coarse file to get the repair roughly into shape initially. A finer pitch file did the rest of the shaping and emery to finish. The grille repair needed my poor old dremel and burr to form, but I am mighty pleased with the result, particularly the speed of setting and the ease of use.

Photo attached shows an old Classic Maserati 450S body which had a chunk missing from the top of the wheel arch, and another from under the grille.

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Next, I need to investigate this u.v. setting paint and see what can be spirited off to the workshop.



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