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After digging through old slide photos I had found this old Revell Porsche RSk I did in 1966. I think I showed it here before. It had a tube frame and a RP-66 (Revell Pittman) motor in it. The body was missing and the frame was gone but I had the motor yet. Then digging some more in a drawer I found another old beat up battered body of the same car This one had been wheel well flared, later though, But what the heck!.

So what's a guy to do, restore it, of course. So I built a new chassis with one of BWA's new billet inline rear axle brackets and made a ISO Fulcrum frame using the motors as a stressed part of the center section By screwing the bracket to the gear end of the motor. Wheels are also by BWA. With sponge rubber added.

Chassis material is .093 thick double sided printed circuit board. The body mounts to a U shaped music wire hinged piece on each side, that allows the body to float with a .020 spring keeping it in place at rest . Seems to work very well and will be fun to take to Vegas.

First picture is the old original car the rest are of the new one as it is almost finished except for mirrors and a windscreen in the works.


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Great job, very well done!!

I'm impressed to see the build quality, seems I have a lot to learn...

Jan (who was 6 in 1966... you figure out the maths
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