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Hi all,
Second thread here, this one I think is going to be a little challenging!
My Dad brought over the rest of his old slot car stuff (I'll be selling the Airfix track and controllers) and I want to restore the F1 cars, see pics below.

Shipping box Gas Automotive exterior Carton Packaging and labeling
Rectangle Wood Magenta Box Event

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Toy Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Sports equipment Green Skateboard Skateboarding Equipment Wheel
Tire Sports equipment Wheel Yellow Skateboard truck
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Car
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle Car
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Lotus 33

The restoration I can handle pretty well, but what I want to try and do is mod them to run on standard Scalextric track. The groove on Scalextric track is slightly narrower than the old Airfix stuff, so I know I can probably just shorten and thin down the spindles.

HOWEVER... I don't want to go the easy route. What I'm wondering is if its possible to replace the braids and spindles somehow with an actual Scalextrix slot guide.
Has anyone ever done this? Or if not, any ideas on things that I could try?

Not opened them up yet, but will post photos of their guts when I do.

Open to any ideas!


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Maybe not helpful to you but, after years of struggling with those horrid bumpy Scalextric track sections with their guide-pinching slots and poor electrical connections, I switched to Policar track. What an improvement!
No problem running Airfix cars on Policar.

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My pin guide car wouldn't run through the short 'magic' straight Policar track and I had to do a bit of filing. Didn't really help a lot though as the Ninco loops are also too tight for the pin guides.

Craggus2000, This is the pin version from inside

Gas Auto part Bumper Machine Electric blue

and the Mk2 guide flag version

Automotive tire Tire Engineering Gas Auto part

They both fit the chassis pan the same way, the only change needed would be to the hole through the chassis which needs to be keyhole shaped which is just visible in the earlier photo I posted. The only real problem will be finding the Mk2 steering units as the don't appear that often. If you decide to go that way you could try Phil Smith but personally I would keep the Airfix Track as it's got the bronze rails which clean up really well and is readily available as are the connector strips and joiners if needed.
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