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Results updates

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The results have been updated to include the SlotStox results and last weeks F1 and rounds.

Overall it's Kevin still in the lead, with Andy second just 10 points clear of Rob in third, and Rob 20 points clear of Marc and Robin who are both on 287 points. All to play for before we start the next championship on 28/06/11.

P.S. I won't be around the next couple of weeks and won't have internet connection until at least the 23rd May, so updates maybe a little sparse.
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Tuesday was the first race of the 2011 / 2012 season.
It was also the first of the new format. (back to single races per evening)
This week was World GT (anything goes class with modern GT bodies) running a segmented race (all 4 lanes counted and added up).

7 racers turned up and with a nice relaxed feel to it, racing got underway after some fettling by all.

Cars run ranged from Slot.its with standard parts with only tyre upgrades, NSR Mosler and a very fast scaley car, to neals and andys car with brass chassis underneath and running Falcon motors.

Running 5 minute heats, the lap count got into mid 40 lap range.

After all the heats were added up, the final nights positions were:


For the first time in a while The Lamb was frequented by those who fancied it.

Next Week is the first week of running SCX classics.

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