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Last week I needed some slot car gear so I emailed 4 companies that are spomsors of this forum. Only one replied.
Not good enough guys, actually its pretty sad they go to the trouble to advertise here then ignore an enthusiasts money, weird.
Thanks to Slot Car Centre (Martin) I was able to get my gear asap and at a good price.
I can understand one not getting back but 75%? .........Unbelievable.
As I day the economy must be going gang busters!


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QUOTE (injectorman @ 10 Aug 2012, 22:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I emailed 4 companies that are spomsors of this forum. Only one replied.
You're not alone. I emailed a forum sponsor chasing up a replacement for some faulty spares they'd sold me. It took nearly a month to resolve and every email had to be chased up to get a reply, so I don't buy from them any more. If they can't be bothered, nor can I.

Instead, I continue to support those who've always provided exemplary service: Topslots'n'trains, LD Discounts, GetSlotted, Phil Smith at, and Derek Cooper.

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Oh dear that sounds bad...

Retailers of Slot Cars sponsoring a forum and when people of that forum want to buy something or have a question them can not be arsed to reply

(i do assume you gave them ample time to reply)

Mouth to mouth advertisement is the best, and don't they know people tend to remember bad service WAY longer then good..

I know it ain't fair but life is come when you are bored times goes slow..when you are having fun it flies ..etc etc,

If i have experiences like that i will take my business to the ones who do care.

Long story short: If they work like that it is only a matter of time and they won't work at all.
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