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Retro Can-Am @ North London

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Our popular class D3 Can-Am has been re-christened 'Retro' Can-Am to reflect the changes in the outside world that occurred a year or more ago. The D3 organization no longer races this type of car, now confining themselves to hard body 1:24 cars, principally on the Buena Park Raceway flat track in California.

The North London Can-Am cars are coming out this coming Wednesday for the first time in 2013 and I look forward to more highly competitive fun with them this year.

See you there, 7:30pm until we're done.
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Oh-oh- this will clash with Big John Secchi's meeting on the same night. Can I enter both?
What am I doing there ????

Good old photo, I was much better than now ...

André Acker.
What were you doing there, Andre? Getting leaned on by Chris Musto would be my guess.
Hope to see you back again one day, my friend.

I will visit NLondon this year, no doubt !

Maybe we can start a 1/32 f1 retro class ...

Cheers !

Bring four cars, Andre and we'll make an evening of it.
(White, red, yellow, blue.)

I am referring to this new chassis by Richard Mack and to the bodies f1 by "Howmet".

I think it can be interesting.

Schedule's back to normal this Wednesday night with another round of "Retro" CanAm.
For the people attending the retro event next weekend it's a chance for a bit of practice and to get there cars sorted.
Doors open @ 7.30pm with a visit to the pub after.
Hi All
Bit late but it's the 1/24 CanAm tonight, doors open at 7.30pm till late.
Seems people are jumping all over the bandwagon, F32 now being promoted by true retrofiles!

We lead and others follow!

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Good news regards new power supplies for the track, Mike Forman the societies treasurer told me that the committee have agreed to my request and we can go ahead and order the supplies, Ian Fisher the section leader has been informed.
Also we have some new [old] light fittings and tubes from the OO section, these are to replace the faulty units in our club room, many thanks to both Mike and the railway section.
Results from last Wednesday:

P1: 34.82 laps - Steve Kempson.
P2: 33.59 laps - Steve Carter
P3: 31.83 laps - Bill Jenner
P4: unrecorded - John Secchi
P5: 27:58 laps - Allan Feldman
P6: 22.84 laps - John Crocker

Allan would like it broadcast widely that he has, at long last, broken the 30 lap barrier. He recorded a 30.38 heat on yellow lane. Congratulations, Allan!
This was also my first 'win' of 2013, helped, I'll be the first to admit, by John Secchi running into problems in the final. I did manage a 36.53 heat though. I'll have to start keeping records as Allan does.

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Can-Am returns on Wednesday the 7th of August.

At this point in time returns are also scheduled for the lesser-spotted Steve Francis and the elusive Howmet. '60s disco by request.

I should be if I can sort out some wheels by then, now the old Volvo has gone to meet its maker.
Should be able to make this Wednesday, leaving a day early as the heats getting too much!
Hi All
It's back! 1/24 Retro CanAm this Wednesday [02/10/13] night, doors open @ 7.30pm till we finish.
Expecting some old Tottenham racers and Bob to visit so it should be a good nights racing [as always!].
Get in early to secure pit space.
Hmmm I might be there, if only to ask for some repops and to wave the camera about if Bob and Micky G may attend.

Now, back to looking for a vacform 1:32 '67 Shelby King Cobra...

Richard By the term King Cobra do you mean the 1967 JerryTitus T-10 Can Am? I know John D had made a repop but I think it might have been 1/24th.
Regards Allan
Yes Allan that's right. In Pete Lyons' book 'Can Am' it has both names. My body does not have the front fins. John has mentioned a Lancer copy he's done but not what scale (I think).

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