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Just getting back into slot cars now my boys are 9 and we have Scalextric again. I made one of these years ago using the Matchbox Kit, and some old Airfix slot car bits with a Johnson E111 motor.

Decided to make an updated version using as much of the original model kit as i can, so it might not be the fastest, but grippy tyres should help over the kit rears. Things have certainly moved since i last looked at slot cars, probably before the internet even existed, so after a bit of googling came upon this forum and Pendle Slot Cars. Splashed a little cash on some All Slot Car bits, primarily because they were cheap and looked like they would do the job.

Motor is a Red Devil mounted in the GP motor mount with the axle brass bushes, their slot guide and front end of the GP chassis are grafted into the Revell kit chassis tub with a bit of ABS reinforcing.

The axles are cut down 3/32" drill blanks, stiff and a ground finish so run smoothly in the bearings and the wheels are the stock kit ones bonded onto machined ABS axle hubs to get enough engagement with the axle ends.

Just trial building at the moment so the gears need to be installed and motor wired up.
The motor mount is bolted in with M2 bolts and can be removed, hopefully with the seat driver and roll cage installed.
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