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Ah! The Greenwood Corvette, one of my favourite cars!

Larry Shephard made an absolutely superb vacuum-formed body of this car for me a couple of years ago, for my 2000 Marconi Foundation proxy race entry. Apologies for the poor quality of the photo, which does Larry's beautiful workmanship absolutely no justice whatsoever:-

I entered the car in the "Le Mans" class of the Marconi race as I wanted something different to the inevitable sports-prototype Ferrari's and Porsche's, and it had to be wide! Quick research revealed that the 1976 Le Mans event included a class for IMSA cars and John Greenwood had entered the really wild looking "Batmobile" Corvette. Further research revealed that the car used 28" x 17-15 rear tyres, had a track of 64.2" and was all of 82" in width! That's a scale width of 2.56 inches!

The chassis design borrows ideas from DVR's Eurosport "Missile", which was dominating top-end 1/32 Eurosport racing in the USA at the time. The motor is a Camen set-up with cobalt magnets and the armature was specially wound for "low power", with 80 turns of 31 gauge on a .512 inch stack, with 5 degree commutator timing advance. As I recall, the car TQ'd, but was a bit of a handful on the Revell track with mandatory Parma 45 ohm controllers...

I believe that Revell will be doing the "Spirit of Le Mans '76" Corvette, which has a different rear wing arrangement to the Sebring and Riverside cars (and not fitted to the 'vac body pictured), as a limited edition.

As for the Revell Porsche 935 static kit... The MRRC Cobra borrowed the body from the Monogram static kit, I wonder if the recently announced MRRC Porsche 935 uses the Revell body?

Hopefully I can get more to show you over the weekend and am also pretty sure I have a special Group 5 car livery coming to let you see.

Please don't keep us in suspense!

Kind regards

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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